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the sounds at the end are kind of spammy and loud

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Surprised at how smoothly the gameplay flowed for a small indie fps. Usually there's some noticeable hitches that slow things down or some control oddities, but I can tell you guys took some time to really polish the feel. The only thing I felt was missing was letting players use the number keys to swap weapons. The baby sounds were odd, but I'm sure there's some story reason behind them. Pretty solid for an alpha so far!

Now game is available in Steam! -

This game looks really awesome but.. is there any other ways to download this game? I live in Korea and it takes like 4 hours and chrome won't let me download it because of the network error.. pls help


does the mac os version work

Ren or Wren?

you use both in the description.

Ren*, my fault)

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oh, also the flavor text when you link the store page says " 

Self Shot by VaddimRen able to dive into the subconscious penetrates into the depths of memory where she is killing her fears + compexes"

it should say "Ren is able to dive into the subconscious, and penetrate into the depths of her memory where she kills her fears + complexes "  " 

Sensitivity setting is NECESSARY.

Wow! What a game! I didn't really liked the graphics in the beginning but after playing a few minutes you get the hang of it because the game is actually really fun! 

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have you considered not spamming EVERY SINGLE GAME ON ITCHIO WITH YOUR BOGUS " CONTEST" 

A most fascinating game, I look forward to playing the full game.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thank you for video!!)

I will add you to titers)